Ain’t Typos Grand? – Countdown To The Berlinale

I’m preparing to attend my favorite film festival in the world, the Berlin International Film Festival, or Berlinale as it is known and I starting the process of selecting press screenings and familiarizing myself with the massive event. While performing this task which may sound like drudgery to a layperson but to me and my fellow film festival nomads it’s a perfect way to spend a few hours. The catalog of the Berlinale is, I am almost sure, the largest in the world and is printed in three languages, to boot. So of course there are going to be typos and translation goofs and normally I wouldn’t poke fun at them, but I just had to point these two out, as they’re just too funny to ignore.
First of all, in the description of Katharina Otto-Bernstein’s documentary about avant garde theatre giant Robert Wilson, see if you can pick out the incorrect job description in the following grouping:

Wilson’s sister Suzanne and numerous contemporaries, colleagues and fellow travellers such as musician David Byrne, publicist Susan Sontag, composer Philip Glass, opera singer Jessye Norman;….

Did ya figure it out? Whatever you may think about her work, I am pretty sure the late Susan Sontag didn’t make her living as a publicist.
Ok, now for the second and much funnier one, taken from the description of En Soap (A Soap), a Danish film by Pernille Fischer Christensen:

Charlotte, who is 34, runs a flourishing beauty parlour. Dissatisfied with her
relationship with Kristian, she decides to leave their flat and move into the
first apartment she finds – much to Kristian’s amazement, for, as far as he is
concerned, everything is honky dory between them.

Heh. I ain’t heard that word in a loooooong time!

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