A Couple Of Telling Hurricane Katrina-Related Quotes

Here are a few quotes I heard tonight that I thought needed repeating.
On Real Time With Bill Maher on Friday, Anderson Cooper recounted a conversation he had with a man on the Gulf Coast about the politicians who keep saying that they understand the frustration felt by people affected by the storm when aid had taken so long to get to them and the man said:
“We’re not frustrated. People aren’t frustrated here. People are dead. ”
A more chilling and honest assessment of what people are going through down there I have not heard.

Also on Real Time, when Maher referred to most of the people running the federal government as Jesus freaks, The West Wing‘s Bradley Whitford said: “You mentioned that these people are a bunch of Jesus freaks….Where is the Christianity?”
Whitford also pointed out that with massive budget deficits and failing infrastructure since 9/11 that he, “schmuck on a TV show, [has] gotten a quarter million dollars of tax relief. That’s obscene.”
If there’s one thing I have noticed in the aftermath of this horrible storm, it’s that people, some people at least, are speaking honestly, emotionally about what is going on and what they’ve seen.
Returning to the theme of religion Whitford was again, spot on the mark when he said that Bush et. al are not behaving like true conservatives and that even though they profess to be Christians, their real religion is supply side economics.
On the same show, Cooper, who has been one of the media’s most honest and upfront faces in this terrible week also told a story of a family of four who had died in their living room because they either couldn’t afford to evacuate or were afraid looters would steal what little they had. The family had died and were rotting in their living room for 5 days before their bodies were removed and put on ice. Astonished, Cooper said “I can’t believe I’m in America.”
Neither can I.

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  1. Hey there! Just received news today that Alex Chilton, who had not been heard from since last Monday, was rescued by the Coast Guard last night (SUN 04 SEP 05). He spent the entire time in his house, because the flood only reached his porch.
    He is safe in Houston at this time.

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