MTV Sucks It Up And Apologizes For Live 8 Debacle

Apparently, MTV/VH-1 got enough of an earful from the MSM and the blogosphere to try and make amends. As a result, the two channels will show a combined 10 hours of Live 8 performances commercial-free. While there will be some overlap, with both channels showing U2, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Paul McCartney and Orchestra Baobab. Yeah, I didn’t know who they were, either.

MTV also mentioned several other bands whose performances they will be airing, with one glaring (IMHO) ommission, a newly reunited Roxy Music. As I mentioned on the day, Roxy was playing 32 years to the day that Brian Eno quit the band!
I mean, I know MTV and VH-1 have target demos, but if they have Coldplay, Audioslave, McCartney, Kanye West and Pink Floyd, they ought to be able to squeeze a little Roxy in there, dontcha think?

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  1. Nah! Ignore Roxy Music. A conservative wanker like Ferry needs to be ignored at this point. His bad politics at the band’s inception, and now his outright support for the worst aspects of his country’s government, is enough for me to stop listening.

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