Farcical American Justice

rigas.jpgWhile I applaud the recent spate of billionaire CEOs being convicted, I have to raise the point of fairness in sentencing. On Monday John J. Rigas, 80, the complete scumbag embezzling former CEO of Adelphia Communications was convicted of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from his company and hiding debt from investors. He faced up to 215 years on charges including bank fraud (three counts at 30 years per), securities fraud and conspiracy. His equally avaricious, contemptuous pig of a guilty son Timothy, 49, received 20 years.
So let me get this straight…two rich, white guys who defrauded a publically-traded company out of hundreds of millions of dollars, thereby bankrupting it, received 15 and 20 years, while prisons are full of black and Latino men and women doing 20-to-life for low-level drug deals?
To hell with prison for these evil cocksuckers types of criminals. Let’s make them live in downtown Detroit and work at a Wendy’s.
What’s that you say? John Rigas was also fined $2,300? Oh. Well that makes it ok, then.

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