David Bowie’s Big Pink Bunny

Over the past few months, a 5′ 3″ pink bunny has been following David Bowie around, to the delight of the world’s press. The story has been reported (usually rife with errors) in news outlets in London, San Francisco, New York and other locals.
bowieband1sml.jpgStories almost always refer to the bunny as “him” and often imply that “he” is stalking the singer. In fact the bunny in question is a member of davidbowie.com named Isabelle_Guns. Not only that, but Bowie is well aware of this and knows who she is and that she’s not a stalker. In fact, at a January concert in Vancouver, Bowie asked for the bunny’s name and repeatedly addressed her during the show, even swapping out the word “woman” in a song, singing instead: “I’ve been waiting for a bunny to save my life.”
Additionally, most of these “press” reports mention that the bunny was on the same flight as Bowie and the band from New York (even quoting Bowie to that effect) when in fact, the flight was within Canada. Want some proof no one feels threatened by Isabelle? Dig the picture on this page of “The Bunny” with 4 of Bowie’s band members after said flight.
This is just another example of the stupid feeding frenzy the press engages in from time to time, trying to make a story out of nothing.
Photo � Isabelle_Guns. Left to Right: Earl Slick, Sterling Campbell, The Big Pink Bunny, Mike Garson and Gail Ann Dorsey.

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