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I’m Hosting Speakeasy CInema Tonight, June 16th

I am hosting this month’s edition of Speakeasy Cinema and y’all should come and join us! While I am forbidden from revealing the name of the film, from the hints below and if you know me, you might, just might, be able to guess.
So here’s the info:
Monday, June 16, 2008
Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: 279 Church Street, New York City – 3 blocks below Canal St- across from the Tribeca Grand
SPEAKEASY CINEMA provides an opportunity for the film community to watch movies and talk about them a la the Algonquin Roundtable. No one will know which film it is until the lights dim.
Be forewarned: I have chosen a film that fulfills one of the very important roles that Speakeasy Cinema can play: This classic is also a drinking game, and we’ll be bringing extra alcohol so anyone who gets one can take a shot anytime the rules of the game demand it.
After the screening we chat about the film, movies in general and there’s more drinking. NB: At this intimate event industry talk is verboten, but your libations are welcome (read: BYOB or wine and we will have the corkscrew).
You should bring: beer, whisky, and red wine.
And if you leave standing, you never arrived.
These are some pretty serious hints, but don’t wrack your brains too hard. It’s a nice, fun and brilliant surprise!
Admission is $5

A Wine Recommendation

I just finished the last of a fantastic bottle of white wine that I feel compelled to recommend to y’all. It was a gift from my friend and Rabbi Report contributor Adam Schartoff. It’s a 2000 Tyrrell’s Hunter Chardonnay Reserve from the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia. Apparently it’s very hard to find the 2000 (Smokes-Spirits claims it’s “coming soon,” but I ain’t holding my breath), but I’d be willing to try the other vintages and varietals from this producer based on this wine alone. Dry and crisp, it had none of the “cotton ball in the mouth” feel of those oakey California chards. It was slightly more full-bodied than a Sauvignon Blanc (with much less of the “cat’s pee on a gooseberry bush” effect) but still quite dry. All in all, a very nice bottle!