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Sarasota-Parties And An Epic MC Battle

My first night at the Sarasota Film Festival was the World Cinema Celebration featuring an award for Werner Herzog. (I do understand that there’s a lot of Werner in my first few posts from Sarasota but what can I say? It was “Werner Day” when I got there!) Among the many things that this festival does very well is organize a party. Wednesday night there were 1,400 people in a block-long stretch of downtown Sarasota clamoring for any one of the dozens of free gourmet food samples and rivers of hooch and the only time I had to wait more than a minute or 2 at a food station was for seared tuna. Well, wouldn’t you?
The entertainment was a kick-ass Latin music band and the locals sure got down to it, boogieing the night away. There were certainly some ringers among the crowd (students and teachers from a local dance studio, methinks) and here are three of them. See, I told you it was fun!
3 dancers.jpg

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Sarasota-Sun, Sea and…Calamari?

Upon arriving at the Sarasota Film Festival after a long snow delay at Newark Liberty Airport I managed a quick shower and change of clothes before being whisked downtown to check in. A few hellos, how are yous? (“yous?” Yikes!) and a quick fall in love with 2 or 3 festival staffers, it was off across the street to a reception honoring Werner Herzog. The pic from the previous post was taken at that soiree where I was able to fall in love with a filmmaker or two. Happens a lot to me, alas. While drinking French sparkling and nibbling on some tasty calamari (more on the those pesky cephalopod mollusks, later) I was able to chat some more with new friend and top-notch fest hospitality coordinator Jen Weiss and catch up with IFC‘s Jessica Wolfson, whose boyfriend Paul Lovelace is here with the documentary feature The Holy Modal Rounders: Bound To Lose (co-directed with Sam Wainwright Douglas). Pictured below from left to right are Jess and Jen. Too damn cute, no?

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Keeping Up On Your Sundancing

While I am getting ready to immerse myself in Rotterdam and Berlin for lllllllllllllll [GODDAMMIT! My fucking “L” key has come loose and it’s making me fucking nuts! Please excuse any extra L’s you might see in my copy.] Anyway, as I was saying, while I used to be a regular at the disturbingly effective mixture of fantastic indie film, hype, commerce and bimbo trust fund whores that is the Sundance Film Festival, I have, at least for the time being, abandoned Park City. However, many other fine journalists of varying experience and style are at this very second explaining to the doorman at Zoom that they really are on the list for the Cinetic Media party and that John Sloss would be very angry indeed, should he hear of their mistreatment.

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