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A Little Flickr Action

Oh yeah! Some more pics have been uploaded to my Flickr site, including those from a rather spirited BBQ held one rainy Saturday not too long ago. Not only that, there’s some pix from the Tribeca Film Festival as well as other random shots. If your name is Tom Hall, Holly Herrick, Ry Russo-Young, Ryan Harrington, Paul Lovelace, Elizabeth Hanley, Todd Rohal, David Call, Jessica Wolfson, Jessica Smith, Brian Brooks, Basil Tsiokos, Harris Dew, Colin Brown, Nicole Guillemet, Laura Macdonald, Craig Zobel, Greta Gerwig, Joe Swanberg, Peter Bjorn & John or Au Revoir Simone, among many others, you might wanna check it out.

The Ottoman Fucking Goes Portugese….

So while researching my incoming links, I found the following paragraphs regarding Peer Pressure, the Ottoman Rapists along with the Rohal/Osborne follow-up:

FIQUE DE OLHO NO SEU PUFE: O maior sucesso da semana na Internet é a descoberta de Pretty Ricky – Late Night Special, onde adolescentes egocêntricos (redundância?) violentam o pobre pufe da sala de todas as maneiras imagináveis, num intenso e altamente homoerótico gangbang, em que os indivíduos se alternam entre fazer sexo sem concessão com o pobre móvel e se seduzirem com seus movimentos peristálticos frente ao espelho. Você nunca mais vai olhar para a sua mobília do mesmo modo novamente. Veja o vídeo aqui, mas assegure-se de ter aguarrás para limpar seus olhos por perto. Tem uma variação do ato também, chamado “Pretty Ricky – Lingerie”. A quem o pobre pufe vai recorrer?

Como eu vou ligar Pretty Ricky aos Mumblecorers? Fácil: em menos de uma semana Kent Osborne (uma das vozes no desenho Bob Esponja e ator de Hannah Takes The Stairs) e Todd Rohal (diretor de The Guatemalan Handshake e também ator no filme de Joe Swanberg) encarnam Peer Pressure e te ensinam como blogar.

I used my Mac’s Sherlock to effect a translation, and well, this is what I got:

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Rohal/Osborne Keep Getting Bigger!

The latest honor for Messers Rohal and Osborn is: #53 – Most Viewed (This Week) – People & Blogs – All. They’re up to over 12,000 views only hours after Matt Dentler posted on their passing of the 8,000 mark.
And then I find this pic.
I love the Internet.

No Ottomans Were Harmed….

I was thinking of going to sleep, because after all, it is almost 3:30am on a Monday morning, but then I got bitch slapped by the genius fairy and I just had to share it.
We’ll call it, “Pushin’ in the Cushion!”
Two days ago, Michael Tully blogged about this You Tube clip and oh, how we did laugh!

However, two of our merry filmmaking brethren were not content with simply sitting back and allowing for a few well timed guffaws. Nay, they leapt into action and produced the following:

So here’s to you, Kent and Todd. Huzzah!
Oh, and do yourselves a favor and play them simultaneously.

SXSW 07: Finally, Some Pix Uploaded

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I have finally entered 2006 and am now up on Flickr.com. In the past few days I have uploaded 54 pix from SXSW, with about 100 more to go. Then it’s on to Sarasota. Are you included in my SXSW pix? I can tell you right now, if your names are Mike Tully, Aaron Katz, Annie Sundberg, Eugene Hernandez, John Pierson, David Boreanaz, Matt Dentler, Ann-Margaret, Todd Rohal, Evil Todd Rohal, Jenny Chikes and many others, the answer is yes!
Recent SXSW pix include some of you out there in Rabbi Report Land, as well as The Smoking Popes, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse and Voxtrot.
Upcoming pix include Bloc Party (in one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen), Buzzcocks, Bob Mould, Steve Earle, The Pipettes, Oreskaband, The Dears, Pete Townshend and my favorite new band, The Wombats.
Y’all come back now, ya hear?
A few pix after the jump…..

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