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2006 indieWIRE Blog Poll

poster2.jpgIn response to fellow blogger Tom Hall‘s call to arms, as well as the 2006 indieWIRE Critics’ poll I am posting my year end list. I have violated the rules laid down by Mr. Hall and indieWIRE because I felt like it and because I have trouble following directions. I have doubled the performance categories and thrown some runners up, as well as a few “worst of the year” mentions. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my blog, my rules!
Also, there are many films I have yet to see, including The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, L’Enfant, Army of Shadows (returning soon to Film Forum!), Old Joy, Casino Royale, Borat, Half Nelson, The Last King of Scotland, Volver…. now it’s just getting embarrassing. As a result, I get the feeling I will be monkeying with my list as the year winds down this week. The “best first feature” section is especially barren for me, not having seen any of the indieWIRE-listed films. That said, I am pretty ok with my choice. As for the “best documentary” category, I am woefully unprepared for this one. (Jesus, I am getting more and more pathetic as this goes on….). I am therefore leaving it blank and hope to fill it in at a later date.
On with the poll!

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Why Many Critics Are Wrong About Marie Antoinette….And Why It Still Sucks

I don’t care that Sofia Coppola‘s Marie Antoinette presents us with yet another spin on the “poor little rich girl” theme, although it is a played out genre and hasn’t really been done well since Clueless. I also don’t care to analyze how much Ms. Coppola did or did not identify with Marie A., due to her privileged upbringing. Apparently many critics have a problem with that potential aspect. “Write what you know,” is an early lesson taught in class, so why anyone should criticize Ms. Coppola for that is beyond me. Also, I actually liked that this historical “drama” was set to 80’s New Wave music (I did, after all, come of age in the 80’s) and I was only mildly irked that the film completely trivializes the actual events of the times and nary a revolutionary is spotted in the film’s slightly more than 2-hour running time. After all, the film isn’t called The French Revolution and no one claimed that it was going to be a serious retelling of the times. All of these are things that have irked critics since the films bow at this year’s Cannes Film Festival (where it was reportedly greeted with a fair amount of boos mixed with a smattering of applause at its first press screening) and none of them are on my “Reasons Why I Hate Marie Antoinette” list. What is on said list, you might ask?

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My Second E! Online Report

UPDATE: Apparently when E! Online redesigned their website, all archived stories, 10 years worth, were jettisoned, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.
So my first piece for E! Online is up. It seems like I’ve caugh on with the lingo a bit, but there was a little editing. For example, my detestation of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette been removed, but that’s ok. It’s in my 3rd IFCtv.com piece, full tilt!
Anyway, here’s the E! piece.

Cannes #3 – IFCtv.com – “Marie Antoinette”: Let them eat fluff.

Yesterday I emailed my third Cannes post for IFCtv.com from Madrid during a layover and my ever patient editor Alison Willmore posted it quickly and even came up with a snappy title that I forgot to add!
As always, some pix now and after the break!
(L to R): indieWIRE’s Eugene Hernandez and Brian Brooks with Bart Mueller, costume designer (with Kurt Swanson) of John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus at the Shortbus party in Cannes.

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