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Backstage At The CMAs It’s My….

I know everyone and their mother are blogging about this, the latest digital short from Saturday Night Live, but I feel I simply must put my two cents in. As my good friend Tom Hall recently pointed out, we are all Time’s Person of the Year and while an NBC-created skit on You Tube isn’t exactly the The Anarchist Cookbook, it’s a great use of You Tube! The clip below is catchy, hysterically funny and makes me wonder why more SNL skits aren’t this good. Honestly, it’s the best work from from SNL since, well, this short.

How Do I Love Thee Natalie, Let Me Count The Ways!

I assume most of you have seen this by now, but it bears linkage. I mean, this is some funny ass shit and I can’t stop watching it. Click on the picture of the pixie-haired star of my favorite movie of 2006 to date. Every time I see this I am gobsmacked…and pray that even 10% of this is true!

The lyrics are after the jump (like you can’t tell what she’s saying)….

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