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Sarasota 07: My Filmmaker Magazine Report

Besides The Rabbi Report, I was also down in Sarasota for Filmmaker Magazine and today they published my report from the fest. Check it out, y’all!
After the jump, a few pix from the festival!

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SXSW 07: The Mongrels


Myself and Silver Jew director Mike Tully (right to left….duh) at the traditional SXSW softball tournament and BBQ that brings the 10 day event to a close. We were on the Mixed Media team, affectionately dubbed the “Mongrels.” Alas due to an injury I was unable to do more than coach 1st and pinch hit (notice the glove on slugger Tully’s hand and the beer in mine), but it was fun all the same. The team put up a damn good fight, including sustaining several injuries, smashing our first opponents 22-4 and going up 6-4 against the 2005 champions, Print Media before going all Bad News Bears in the last inning and losing, 8-4. It was a hard-fought game and damn it, we’ll get ’em next year!
Photo by David Wingo

SXSW 07: It’s Raining Again….

The weather here at “South by,” as the locals and regulars call it, has been pretty hit or miss, with 2 dreary days in amongst 4 pretty nice ones. During one of the particularly monsoonish nights (the night of the 15+ margaritas) we were attempting to go from the very fine IFC party at Light Bar to the after party for Joe Swanberg’s excellent Hannah Takes the Stairs and a cab was in order. It’s not easy to get a cab in the rain, of course, so festival producer Matt Dentler decided to take it upon himself to act as a sort of a beacon. As this was prior to the “lightsabre episode,” he had to make do with what was on-hand. At least it’s still blue:


“Taxi!!!” I tell ya, this here SXSW is a seriously full-service event!

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