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Martin Bashir Should Never Have (Been Forced To) Resign

And here’s why…

I submit to you that what Martin Bashir says in the clip below absolutely pales in comparison to many of the things Sarah Palin and her ilk have said, repeatedly. Indeed, the very thing that sparked Bashir’s outrage, that the US national debt to China would be like being a slave, is worse than anything Bashir said by an order of magnitude. Hell, she even knows she’s going to get shit for it. She prefaced her remarks by stating that they weren’t racist! Methinks thou dost protest too much….

Let me explain my reasoning.

By equating being in debt to being a slave, by pretending that the two experiences are even remotely similar, Palin demeans millions of human beings and shows that her understanding of human experience is lacking to an extreme.

On the other hand, the worst that can be reasonably said about what Bashir said is that it was unprofessional. Perhaps it was even against some sort of MSNBC code of conduct and as such, a public apology, a suspension (without pay) may have been in order.  But for the man to lose his job because he expressed his opinion in the way he did, is shortsighted and unjust. It’s also hypocritical. Fox News personalities routinely spew the most hateful, racist bile and are never disciplined by that massive misnomer of a media organization.

This is also emblematic of the lack of critical thinking and subtlety that permeates American culture, these days. Bashir was not saying that someone should literally shit in Sarah Palin’s mouth. I am sure that if you asked him, he would agree that such behavior is barbaric and not acceptable, even as a punishment for those we revile. It was hyperbole. Bashir was outraged by Palin’s remarks and reacted in an emotional, colorful, and ultimately effective way. Is the right wing so thin-skinned that they can’t let it go? If I screamed for their head every time Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity said something offensive, I’d be permanently apoplectic and hoarse.

Here’s how this exchange would have worked in a reasonable world (and I am paraphrasing, of course):

Palin: “When we’re in debt to the Chinese, it will be like slavery!”

Bashir: “You’re an idiot, Sarah! Someone should shit in your mouth.”

Palin & Bashir, simultaneously: “I apologize. I used insensitive analogies and simplistic and hyperbolic imagery to express my anger at a situation. I apologize unreservedly to (Sarah Palin/Slaves).”

Bashir: “But you’re still a moron, Sarah.”

Palin: “Bite me, Martin.”

See? That way we keep our healthy left-right antagonism, yet realize that this particular brand of partisanship is all just a bunch of bullshit.


Clarity Of Thought, Deed & Purpose: Your Job Until Election Day

Once again Mr. Tom Hall has delivered a wonderful piece of writing and leads the way on clear, concise coverage of an issue. After attending the Democratic National Convention (well, I was in Denver, not in the convention hall, alas) I made myself a promise that I guess I ought to make public, if only so that should I not follow through, there will be ample evidence. That promise was to write, often and passionately, about the upcoming election and why Barack Obama needs to be the next president of the United States. Thanks for kicking me in the ass, Tom!
I believe this is the most important election of the past 28 years and in hindsight, maybe the most important since 1960. Hell, why not since ever? In 1980, many of us were convinced that Reagan would lead us to nuclear war, but the threat of Mutually Assured Destruction (a better nickname, MAD, was never invented) and the inevitable destabilization of the Soviet Union prevented that fear from becoming reality. However, the Reagan presidency sharply reversed the social and civil rights gains achieved over the previous 15-20 years and continued the US policy of turning Latin America into our own little death squad playground.
But back to why this particular election is so important. Two words: Supreme Court. If you think that we barely survived the 5-4 decisions of the “Kennedy Court” of the past few years (2008 notwithstanding) wait until Justices Stevens (88 years old), Ginsberg (75, rumored to be ill) and possibly Souter (68 and fed up with the partisan court) and Kennedy (72) retire.

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Bristol Palin: Right Mom, Wrong Baby

Well, it appears there was something going on, but it’s hardly as juicy as a secret pregnancy….erm, I mean, it is a secret pregnancy, just not the kind that was being bandied about. It turns out Bristol Palin is indeed pregnant NOW, just as reported on CELTIC DIVA’S BLUE OASIS, yesterday. So, it’s not really a scandal, per se. Not in today’s America. Teenage pregnancy was even the subject of a $140+ million grossing comedy!
That said, Mama Sarah is a staunch pro-life, abstinence-until-marriage kinda gal. Works real well, don’t it, Sarah? This stance, and her position against abortion, even in the case of rape or incest, puts her not only outside the mainstream of America, but outside the mainstream of her own party!
Palin says that Bristol is keeping the baby and will marry the father. Sure. Nothing says “long, stable marriage” like getting pregnant at 17 and marrying the father. Teenagers always have good judgment in terms of sexual partners and are definitely ready to marry. So it seems that governor Palin is seeing first hand how “successful” abstinence-only education is.
There’s absolutely no scientific basis to the theory that abstinence-only programs work or that sex education classes lead to increased promiscuity. In fact, educating teens about the dangers of unprotected sex leads to lower rates of HIV transmission, fewer STDs and less teen pregnancy and the fear of disease and pregnancy can even deter kids from experimenting with sex. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, grandma!

Palin Baby: Lots Of Smoke, No Fire…Kind Of….

So I am getting a little tired of the blogospehere’s suppositions and what not over Sarah Palin’s son/grandson. It seems that so far, there’s a lot of conjecture and circumstantial evidence, but no smoking gun. Sure, enough to pique interest, but….
And now comes this: CELTIC DIVA’S BLUE OASIS claims that while Trig is indeed Sarah’s son, Bristol is pregnant now.
One big problem with both of these stories is, Photoshop, full stop. It’s SO easy to manipulate images that It’s hard to believe anything you see online.
Look, I would like nothing more than for this right-wing whackadoodle to self-destruct but I’d be a hypocrite if I helped take down her 17 year-old daughter to do it. Honestly? I don’t think we need a scandal to take down McCain-Palin. They’re the worst GOP ticket since Dole-Kemp and even worse than that, potentially. If this country can overcome its racism, Obama-Biden should clean their clocks. Then again, that’s a HUGE “if.”
All I know is that I am going to do my best to get Barack Obama elected, but I won’t make shit up to do it. If the earlier story is true, then hopefully someone’s got a smoking gun and the truth will out. If it turns out to be the rumor mentioned above, then so what? Leave Bristol alone and get on with it.

Palin: (Not) Big, (Not) Fat, (Wasn’t) Preganant Liar? Rumors Spread

UPDATE: Turns out, there was smoke, but the fire, for what it was worth, was elsewhere and none of the rumors below were true. Except Bristol is pregnant. Now. Not before. No babygate here, folks. Move along, not much to see!
The Internet is abuzz with the rumor that Sarah Palin is not the mother of Trig, her supposed 5th child, but is in fact the boy’s grandmother, leaving oldest daughter Bristol, 17, as the mom.
This Google blog search has a lot of posts about it, many linking to the Daily Kos (link dead) story and this one from Sparticus Lives.
Read through the stories and make up your own minds and have a gander at this picture. Does Sarah look 7+ months pregnant? According to the Kos piece, the Internet is being scrubbed of potentially “incriminating” photos.
UPDATE: The story is now on dlisted.
NEW UPDATE: The mainstream news is now reporting on the rumors. Still no proof, though!
NEW UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan weighs in.
NEW UPDATE (8/31, 9:36pm): Sue D. at digitaljournal.com weighs in, disputes rumors. The picture she links to is exactly the same as one in the Daily Kos and Sparticus Lives posts, but the text includes a “taken on” date. NOTE: Both versions of the photo are on the Anchorage Daily News website.
NEW UPDATE (8/31/08, 11:18pm): ArcXIX at Daily Kos is at it again with this update.
NEW UPDATE (9/1/08, 1:52am): The Red Pen @ Daily Kos (thanks to a link from Andrew Sullivan) seems to, for now, put this rumor to bed. That said, the same “it’s photoshopped” claim can apply to any photo.