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A Political Must See: Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

This morning on NBC’s Meet the Press, General Colin Powell (Ret.) thoughtfully and with great detail discussed both John McCain and Barack Obama and the reasoning behind his endorsement of Senator Obama. It’s an intelligent and often moving seven minutes that is required viewing. As I’ve said repeatedly, both in this blog and in personal discussions. I will not vote for someone purely based on race and Powell makes it very clear that he shares this position. Had race been his only criteria, Powell would have endorsed Obama two years ago, he said.

What effect this endorsement has on the election is still to be seen. It seems a foregone conclusion that moderate republicans will take this to heart, as will military and retired military families. Considering the military presence in states like Florida and Virginia as well as North and South Carolina, this could prove the most important endorsement received to date by the senator from Illinois. This story, from the Independent newspaper in the UK ran almost a week ago and it illustrates a trend within the military to back Obama. Powell’s endorsement can only help.