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Election 2008: Live Blogging the Day

Bookmark this page, as I’ll be posting often, including pix from the Rabbi Report’s magnificent election night gala, right here on E. 9th St. in Greenwich Village (you know…the place where all the pinkos are).
11:00pm- I have no words. We’ve done it and I’m overcome by emotion. Colorado and Florida, too. 333 electoral vote, so far. I am going to go and be with my friends for a while.
10:20pm-Text from a Fox News staffer to a friend: “Memo sent from McCain campaign: No path to 270.” Well, we already knew it, but man…it’s great to hear the McCain camp say it, even if it’s “secret.”
9:25pm-ABC and MSNBC have called Ohio for Obama. Add that to CA, WA, OR and HI….well, you do the math.
9:21-CNN calls the KY Senate race for Mitch McConnell. Not good.
Losing Pennsylvania and NH is incredibly damaging to McCain.
8:32pm-ABC calls the NC senate for race for Kay Hagan. +3!
8:21pm-Jeanne Shaheen (D) defeats GOP senator John Sununu in NH, so that’s a net pick up of 3 seats for the Dems!
8:15p,-Fox News predicts Liddy Dole, going down in flames in North Carolina. If that’s true, that’s another Senate pick up for the Dems!
8:05pm-Multiple networks call Pennsylvania and NH for Obama. EV counts are now 102-34. CNN, however, has NOT called PA.
7:53pm-Numbers in Florida and Indiana are looking very good for Obama. Track the county by county races here.
7:50pm-Lunsford is only down by 6/10th of a percent, with over 28% of the vote reported in KY. This is really good.
7:30pm-Ohio, West Virginia and North Carolina closed. CNN unable to make any predictions.
7:13pm-Bruce Lunsford (D) is giving GOP stalwart Mitch McConnell a run for his money. It’s a 2 point race with 13% reporting. Follow it here.
Adam Kersh colors in Vermont for Obama:
7:04am- Obama wins VT (3 EV) and McCain picks up Kentucky (8 EV). No big surprise, here. Mark Warner wins a senate seat in VA. Dems +1 in the Senate.
6:54pm: Six minutes. Six Minutes. Six minutes, Doug E. Fresh, you’re on!
6:00pm: Polls in most of Indiana and 1/2 of Kentucky are now closed. However, networks will (rightly) not predict until 7:00pm.
4:45pm: The party will feature booze, food and the special Giant Rabbi-Tastic Map™:
Stay tuned for special election night coverage, as we watch this historic night unfold. I might even post some pix or video of special guests changing the colors on the map!

I’m Hosting Speakeasy CInema Tonight, June 16th

I am hosting this month’s edition of Speakeasy Cinema and y’all should come and join us! While I am forbidden from revealing the name of the film, from the hints below and if you know me, you might, just might, be able to guess.
So here’s the info:
Monday, June 16, 2008
Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: 279 Church Street, New York City – 3 blocks below Canal St- across from the Tribeca Grand
SPEAKEASY CINEMA provides an opportunity for the film community to watch movies and talk about them a la the Algonquin Roundtable. No one will know which film it is until the lights dim.
Be forewarned: I have chosen a film that fulfills one of the very important roles that Speakeasy Cinema can play: This classic is also a drinking game, and we’ll be bringing extra alcohol so anyone who gets one can take a shot anytime the rules of the game demand it.
After the screening we chat about the film, movies in general and there’s more drinking. NB: At this intimate event industry talk is verboten, but your libations are welcome (read: BYOB or wine and we will have the corkscrew).
You should bring: beer, whisky, and red wine.
And if you leave standing, you never arrived.
These are some pretty serious hints, but don’t wrack your brains too hard. It’s a nice, fun and brilliant surprise!
Admission is $5

Preparations For A New Year’s Day Party

Every year, when I was a child, my mother would throw lavish New Year’s Day parties at our house in East Hampton. They had pretty much stopped by the time I was old enough to really enjoy them, but for a few years it was a tradition and all of our friends would come over for caviar, homemade blinis, champagne, martinis and I assume, a fair amount of Bloody Marys.
Well, my mother passed away on January 9th, 2005 and my father died this past November 16th and I miss them both very much. I will be selling the apartment they (and I) lived in for much of the past 30 years and in part to honor them and in part because I consider New Year’s Day a much more interesting holiday than New Year’s Eve, I am preparing to host my first ever New Year’s Day party.
In typical fashion, I have let my ambition and natural hosting tendencies take control over the part of the brain that controls reason (the neocortex, I believe…erm…Wikipedia believes….) So, as a result, I am attempting to serve the following during the day…I’ll let you know, with pix and hopefully testemony, on what I succeeded in preparing:
Bagels and lox, coffee and juice.
Bonac Clam Pie
Smoked Sausage and Black Eyed Peas
Maine Shrimp Boil
Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie
Saucisson sec w/cornicons and truffle butter
Assorted cheeses, blue, stinky and others!
Sage beer cheese bread
Oysters Rattray (A family recipe from old family friends from East Hampton. Alas, sorrel was nowhere to be found, so I will have to make due with baby spinach and lemon juice to approximate the taste of the sorrel.)
Half a freshly smoked and glazed ham
And, if we have the energy tomorrow, cookies.
Here’s a few shots of the prelims:
“Before” shots of my living room, kitchen and fridge:
Living Room.jpg
The first chocolate bourbon pecan pie (the stuff around the edges is the sugary, chocolaty, pecany overflow. It’s the stuff of gods):