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Today’s Sign Of The Apocalypse

We are officially a culturally bankrupt society when this is news:
Hilton, Richie Seen at L.A. Steakhouse
Ok, ever since there have been celebrities, a part of the media has been dedicated to covering their exploits and that’s fine. They’re famous and a part of the general public likes reading about famous people. That said, these two no-talent stick figures are famous for being, basically, blithering idiots. Still they’re famous, so some sites like TMZ.com and TheSuperficial.com (which I confess to perusing from time to time in order to slake my thirst for celebs doing stupid shit) but really, what the FUCK is the New York Times doing running this shit on thier site? I mean, do they have to run everything the AP files?
Excuse me. I need to go wash my eyeballs out from reading this shit.

Creepy, Yet Funny: Paris Goes To The Prom

I saw this young lady in the storage room of my apartment building. she’s about 1 1/2 feet tall, which is pretty tall for a doll and apparently she’s a little bit of a whore. Is it my imagination, or does she look little bit like Paris Hilton? Ok, ok. Paris with a tan… I don’t even want to get into how gross it is that someone pulled down her hose and posed her like that. It even looks like they pulled her dress down off her right shoulder…
Ok, so none of you steal my idea:
Paris Hilton whore doll w/authentically removable pantyhose – $49.95
(Greek shipping heir doll, even more vapid and nauseating friend
doll and way more sucessful younger sister doll, all sold separately.)

Keeping Up On Your Sundancing

While I am getting ready to immerse myself in Rotterdam and Berlin for lllllllllllllll [GODDAMMIT! My fucking “L” key has come loose and it’s making me fucking nuts! Please excuse any extra L’s you might see in my copy.] Anyway, as I was saying, while I used to be a regular at the disturbingly effective mixture of fantastic indie film, hype, commerce and bimbo trust fund whores that is the Sundance Film Festival, I have, at least for the time being, abandoned Park City. However, many other fine journalists of varying experience and style are at this very second explaining to the doorman at Zoom that they really are on the list for the Cinetic Media party and that John Sloss would be very angry indeed, should he hear of their mistreatment.

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