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DVD Review – “Saved!”

Written by Brian Dannelly and Michael Urban
Directed by Brian Dannelly
Saved! is a sharp, funny and ultimately very insightful film that gets a particular aspect of the fundamentalist Christian segment of the US in its sights and fires away with both barrels, leaping up and down on the carcass with high-heeled boots for good measure. A fresh and original look at teen genre comedies, Saved! looks at what life might be like in a fundamentalist Christian high school through the uber-satirical mind of Dannelly and Urban. To wit, the first line of the film is: “I’ve been born again my whole life.”
The cast is universally fantastic, with both Jena Malone as Mary and Mandy Moore as best friend Hilary Faye shining as students at American Eagle Christian High School. This friendship is put to the test when over summer break Mary’s misstep causes her to undergo some, uh, changes, putting her gradually at odds with the strict, unfeeling dogma pouring from Hilary Faye’s mouth.
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