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Keith Olbermann on Prop 8: One More reason To Love This Guy

This is a heartfelt, emotional and human comment on California’s passage of Proposition 8. It’s just over 6 minutes long and if you know anyone who voted for Prop 8, show them this. It might not change their minds but it might just make them think about it a little. There are lessons to be learned, here. Lessons about re-defining marriage, for example. This clip is short and too the point and if you voted for Prop 8, I hope it shames you.

“My Fellow Prisoners?” Olberman and Cleese On McCain and Joe

From Halloween night’s Countdown With Keith Olberman’s #1 story. John Cleese and Olberman on Joe The Plumber and McCain’s apparently worsening mental status….
Great all the way through but at about 3:30, it really goes into orbit…