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Sarasota 07: All My Pix

So, I finally finished uploading my pix from the most amazing, wonderful and engaging 2007 Sarasota Film Festival and BOY HOWDY are they fun. At least they are to me. There’s celebrities (really!), filmmakers (who may soon be celebs!), film festival staff (oooh!), birds, lizards and even karaoke!
I’ll be uploading video later, but until then, if your name is/film is: Jared Moshe, Jen Weiss, Tom Hall, Holly Herrick, Ry Russo-Young, David Wilson, Blood Car, Bob Giovanelli, Rae, Max Burke-Phillips, David Robinson, Gary Springer, Nick Springer, Mike Tully, Matt Robison, Ryan Harrington, Steve Buscemi, Mary Kerr, Poull Brien, Marcia Gay Harden, Joey Pants, David Garber, some Sandhill Cranes, Me, a tarantula, some poison arrow frogs, some herons and lizards, David Lowery, Lodge Kerrigan, The Israelis, Paul Lovelace, Paul Marchant, Ricci Shryock, Of Montreal, Norman Jewison, Josh Braun, Chad Lowe, Christine Jennings or Jessica Wolfson, check it out! http://www.flickr.com/photos/rabbireport/

NYFF 06: A Black & White Night, Part II

Without further ado, some more pix from Opening Night of the 44th New York Film Festival!
The cutest couple in the room, newlyweds MaryAnn Hult (Picturehouse) and John Vanco (IFC Center) strike a pose at the Village after after party
Josh Braun looks both dapper and suspicious, as I snap his pic again. Then again, it probably was approaching 4am….

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NYFF 06: A Black & White Night, Part I

Opening night at the New York Film Festival has been called, among other things, prom night in the indie film world and that’s not an entirely innacurate nick name. We dress up in our finest (well, most of us do) and after a screening of an anticipated, soon-to-open film at Lincoln Center, we hoof it a few blocks to Tavern on the Green to drink, eat, dance and schmooze the night away. After the official after-screening party, many of us head off to the after after party which, for the past few years, has been held at downtown restaurant Village. Without further ado, some pics from my favorite night of the year. One question, though….what the hell happened to the sundae bar this year?
IFC Films‘ Ryan Werner and indieWIRE Ed in Chief Eugene Hernandez at Village.

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My Sarasota Report On IFCTV.com

Hey, folks. Sorry for the gaps in posting. Just taking a breather before the craziness of Tribeca kicks in as well as finishing up some paying gigs! Speaking of which, here’s one of them:
The 2006 Sarasota Film Festival: Sun, Fun, and Werner Herzog
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