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Awards Season 07: No Country For Old Men Premiere

There are parties and there are parties. There are premieres and there are premieres. The key to a fun evening is the adroit combination of both and Miramax had them in spades last Sunday night in Hollywood for the LA premiere of Joel and Ethan Coen’s masterpiece No Country For Old Men. (Dammit. That’s the 2nd masterpiece of the year.) The screening was a low-key affair at the El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard and I was all the more thankful for it. Absent was the usual clusterfuck of paparazzi, autograph seekers and rude security. Don’t get me wrong, the shutterbugs were there, as were the fans, but it just all seemed more sedate and manageable than usual and the security and Miramax staff couldn’t have been nicer and in better moods.
Here’s where I confess to being an inveterate starfucker. While I’m not a stalker and almost never ask for autographs or pictures, when there’s an actor, writer or director who I am a fan of I have been known to babble to myself and those around me. When you put together a film as accomplished as No Country, you hope that the people that come to your premiere and party are people who would appreciate the film and yet add some star power to the event and the Miramax folks pulled that off with a deft hand.
When my indieWIRE co-founder and I Eugene Hernandez made our way into the El Capitan, Eug pointed out Casey Affleck, 2007’s actor “most likely to get shafted by a major studio” for his astonishing performance in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. On occasion I am a huge pussy, so I didn’t talk to him and I am an idiot for that. Not just because I loved Jesse James, but because I went to and worked at the same summer camp (Camp Thoreau in Vermont) that his brother Ben went to. Ben is a nice guy, but was kind of a prick as a 14 year-old, a fact I am sure Casey (then 11) would have agreed to. Not that I would have opened with: “Your brother was a dick when he was 14,” but you get the point. Shortly before sitting down, John Sloss introduced Eugene and I to Jake Kasdan and I forgot to mention how much I loved his vastly underrated Zero Effect. Love that movie. Didn’t run into him (or John) at the party. So John, if you’re reading this, thanks for your concern! (He’ll know what it means.)

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NYFF 06: A Black & White Night, Part I

Opening night at the New York Film Festival has been called, among other things, prom night in the indie film world and that’s not an entirely innacurate nick name. We dress up in our finest (well, most of us do) and after a screening of an anticipated, soon-to-open film at Lincoln Center, we hoof it a few blocks to Tavern on the Green to drink, eat, dance and schmooze the night away. After the official after-screening party, many of us head off to the after after party which, for the past few years, has been held at downtown restaurant Village. Without further ado, some pics from my favorite night of the year. One question, though….what the hell happened to the sundae bar this year?
IFC Films‘ Ryan Werner and indieWIRE Ed in Chief Eugene Hernandez at Village.

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