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TIFF 07 Review: Jimmy Carter Man From Plains

Jimmy Carter Man From Plains (Sony Pictures Classics, October 26, 2007-selected cities)
Dir. Jonathan Demme
Let me start right off the bat by saying that Jimmy Carter is a personal hero of mine. He is a deeply soulful, peaceful and intelligent man who manages to exist and flourish in this, the most complex and potentially dangerous of all possible worlds. Not only that, but he leads his life as an exemplar of modern man. How so? He has just tuned 83 years of age and is spending his birthday in the Sudan, trying to help end the crisis in Darfur. That’s what he does when he’s not helping run the not-for-profit Carter Center, leading sermons, writing books (21 and counting), building houses, monitoring elections and oh yeah, being married to one of the strongest, most interesting women of the last hundred years, his wife Rosalynn. He is a religious man whose faith inspires him to continue his good works both within and outside of the political arena. A steadfastly devout born again Christian, he firmly believes in the separation of church and state and in this sense is the very picture of integrity.
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Happy Birthday, Jimmy Carter!

James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, Jr., the 39th president of the United States turns 83 today and I want you all to wish this amazing man a happy birthday in whatever way you can. If I’d known, I would have prepared something earllier in the day, but as it is, I was working on my review of Jonathan Demme’s excellent new documentary Jimmy Carter Man From Plains and noticed that today was his birthday. And how would president Carter be spending the start of his 84th year on Earth, you might ask? Well, he is part of a group of international leaders that landed yesterday in Khartoum, Sudan to do what they can to help end the suffering in Darfur. At an age when many people are either unable or not unterested in continuing to contribute, Jimmy Carter is half-way around the world trying to end unimaginable suffering. If that’s not a hero, I don’t know what is.
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Photo by Alex Cohn © 2007 Real Peace Productions, Inc. courtesy Sony Pictures Classics. All Rights Reserved.