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Random Thoughts On The Oscars During The Show

You can also follow my predictions (as if you give a crap) here.
George Clooney is my hero. The man continues to be eloquent, smart, progressive and to the point.
Can someone please give Dolly Parton a sandwich? I mean, I love the woman, but my lord, skinny!
What’s with the music playing during the acceptance speeches. It’s annoying and offensive. Seriously! Cut it out. It’s ruining what is so far the best Oscar show in years!
I’m 7 for 8 so far.
You GOTTA love Betty Bacall, but she seemed somewhat ill. I hope she’s ok.
Line of the night so far:
John Stewart: Pimp….sort of like agent with a better hat.
For those of you keeping count, the leader for being thanked most often is HBO’s Sheila Nevins, with 2.

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