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Herzog As Hitler? Jeff Wells Crosses The Line…Again

You can accuse me of being overly sensitive about this….oh wait, you can’t! One of the things it’s almost impossible to be too sensitive about is fucking HITLER, so when I saw the image on Hollywood Elsewhere yesterday, I just about crapped my Lederhosen. WTF is Jeffrey thinking? Just a guess, but the two groups of people likely to be really offended by being mocked up as der Führer are Jews and Germans.
Even if Werner is somehow not offended by the image, I still call Douchebag on this post and I’ll be offended on his behalf.
UPDATE: I just received an email from Paul Cronin, the editor of Herzog on Herzog that reads, in part:
“Werner once told me that he would never live through another era of Nazism, because he would die fighting it.”
So yeah, I think Werner would be offended by Jeff’s post.

Comment Hilarity….

Think what you will about Jeffrey Wells, but his commenters are often some of the more entertaining around. I wish some of my readers would get into it like folks do on Jeff’s site, but maybe I’m not controversial enough, or something. I know I have opinionated readers!
At any rate, in the comment section below his post about the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s decision to put certain films into the comedy, rather that the drama category, a debate about Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited erupted, frequently invoking the quote: “Look at those assholes,” perhaps the funniest line in the film. Well, commenter a1 replied with easily the funniest comment on the board:

“Look at these assholes”
Wasn’t that the original title of “Margot at the Wedding”?