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Cannes #3 – IFCtv.com – “Marie Antoinette”: Let them eat fluff.

Yesterday I emailed my third Cannes post for IFCtv.com from Madrid during a layover and my ever patient editor Alison Willmore posted it quickly and even came up with a snappy title that I forgot to add!
As always, some pix now and after the break!
(L to R): indieWIRE’s Eugene Hernandez and Brian Brooks with Bart Mueller, costume designer (with Kurt Swanson) of John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus at the Shortbus party in Cannes.

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Operation: Dreamland Filmmaker Scott Dies In California

The independent film world, along with free-thinking people everywhere will mourn the tragic, untimely death on Thursday of 37 year-old filmmaker Garrett Scott, director of the Spirt Award-nominated documentary, Occupation: Dreamland. Along with the film’s other director Ian Olds, Scott risked his life in Fallujah to document the lives of the US Army’s 82nd Airborne ony to have his life cut short by an accident in Southern California two days before the Spirit Awards ceremony, according to a story just posted on indieWIRE.com.
The film community is invited to share memories of Garrett and his work in the comments section of the indieWIRE story.

Keeping Up On Your Sundancing

While I am getting ready to immerse myself in Rotterdam and Berlin for lllllllllllllll [GODDAMMIT! My fucking “L” key has come loose and it’s making me fucking nuts! Please excuse any extra L’s you might see in my copy.] Anyway, as I was saying, while I used to be a regular at the disturbingly effective mixture of fantastic indie film, hype, commerce and bimbo trust fund whores that is the Sundance Film Festival, I have, at least for the time being, abandoned Park City. However, many other fine journalists of varying experience and style are at this very second explaining to the doorman at Zoom that they really are on the list for the Cinetic Media party and that John Sloss would be very angry indeed, should he hear of their mistreatment.

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The Road To Rotterdam and Berlin: Part 1

The 4 1/2 weeks between now and the end of February is arguably one of the two busiest such spans of the year as far as international film festivals go, with the August-September bunching of Locarno, Edinburgh, Montreal, Venice, Telluride, Toronto and New York being the other. It’s also a chance for me to get out of New York in the dead of winter and wander a bit across Northern Europe, connect with friends I don’t see very often and catch up on some exceptional cinema.

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