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Want. WANT! – The Persu Hybrid

venture_one_sm.jpgThanks to @NathanFillion for clueing me in to the car/bike/toy of the future, the Persu Hybrid. Close your eyes and picture this: A three wheeled, enclosed vehicle that seats 2, gets 75-100 MPG, goes 0-60 in 6 seconds, goes at least 20 miles all-electric and goes at least 400 miles on each 6 gallon tank of gas and is projected to cost less than $25,000.
Now open your eyes and click the above link (yes, I do know that your eyes weren’t really closed).
Also, if you think $25,000 is expensive, look at it this way:
If you drive your regular car 12,000 miles per year and get 30 MPG, that’s $960/year in gas at $2.40/gallon. With the Persu, that cost drops to $384/year, a savings of $576. In five years you’ve saved $2,880. Add in cost of oil changes and other car maintenance and you’re saving even more. Yes, I know this isn’t a car for a family and is more like a 2nd vehicle, but for single people or for a 2nd car, it’s rather amazing. Also, according to Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson (click on the “video” tab on the left), it’s really, REALLY fun. In fact, he says it’s the most fun you can have and coming from a thrill seeker, that’s high praise, indeed!
Watch all the videos, read the specs and then tell me you don’t want one!