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Golden Globes, Hour One: 5pm – 6pm

5:53 – My 1st hour scorecard? 5-3. That’s pretty piss poor.

5:52 – Yay! Even Madonna gets played off!

5:48 – Am I wrong in thinking that playing off a non-English speaker because it takes him longer to get the words out in his second language is in bad taste?

5:47 – Another no-brainer, but I actually think The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo deserved it.

5: 46 – If The Artist wins best score, is Kim Novak going to storm the stage?

5:44 – I am feeling extremely Ricky-deprived, right now.

5:40 – Homeland wins! I’ve never been happier to be wrong. Well, maybe not never but you get the point!

5:38 – I guess TV Guide was right. The HFPA doesn’t like Breaking Bad and they love Frasier!

5:36 – Do you think Steve Buscemi has given up on anyone ever pronouncing his name correctly?

5:32 – How to blog the Golden Globes:



5:26 – Boo! When are producers going to learn that no one likes it when their favorite celeb gets played off!

5:24 – Kate Winslet wins for Mildred Pierce. The GG are really much easier to predict, for the most part, than the Oscars. 3 obvious winners out of 4 (maybe all 4 and I was just clueless about Laura Dern).

5:22 – The second no-brainer of the evening, Downton Abbey wins for Best Miniseries. LOVE!

5:20 – Talk about low rent! 20 minutes in and the teleprompter fucks up! Rob Lowe looks fantastic. Dorian Gray, indeed.

5:18 – A Velveeta ad? Low rent, much?

5:13 – My prediction? Laura Linney. The winner? Laura Dern. Ooops. Wow. Who did Zoey Deschanel’s hair? I love her, but….

5:10pm – I’m 1 for 1, as Christopher Plummer picks up the first award of the evening for Beginners.

5:07 –  Johnny Depp admits he hasn’t seen The Tourist yet and the show starts off with a thud. No award? We start with a clip reel from Hugo?

5:06 –  3rd joke at NBC’s expense. OUCH.

5:00pm – Ricky is killing….Kim Kardashian is the first and most deserving casualty of the night.



2012 Golden Globes Predictions

Here’s where I go out on a predictatory (yes, I know it’s not a word, but it should be) limb for the first time this awards season and posit who I think will win each award and sometimes why. Check back here on Sunday, as I update this page live and keep a running tally of my successes or lack thereof. Between now and Sunday, my predictions will be in Blue. During the awards, my incorrect pics will be changed to red and the winner will, well, say “winner” after it. I’m going to use a Will Win/Should Win/Did Win format. Color coding is a pain in the ass!

Best Motion Picture – Drama

The Descendants-Will win/Should win: I’m banking on the HFPA’s love of all things Clooney, here.  Not only that, but its my favorite film of the year. – My review WINNER!!
The Help
The Ides Of March – My review
War Horse

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The 65th Annual Golden Globes….Announcements?

Usually, there is along, overblown awards show with famous presenters, “comedy bits” and my favorite, drunk presenters and winners (they’ve all been drinking for hours). However, due to the WGA strike, we’ve been spared the chaff and are given a short 1 hour press conference. Strikes me as not exactly a made for TV moment, but well, we’ll see, won’t we?
I’m not sure there’s going to be a lot to blgo about, but for what it’s worth, I’ll be here!
Live Blog Follows…..:

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I Call Bullshit On The Globes

Ok, so from the beginning of the show, winners have been allowed to go on and on, thanking lawyers & agents, sons & daughters, directors & producers and co-stars & fellow nominees. That’s fine. Some were funny, some were touching and some were fatuous, but not once did the director of the telecast play someone off. That is until Peter Morgan, winner for best screenplay – motion picture for The Queen dared open his speech with a mention of the effect that a mass, spontaneous peaceful protest by 2.2 million Londoners had in 1997. He spoke for about 40 seconds and all of a sudden, he mentions that he’s being asked to wrap it up.
That’s bullshit and shame on you, Golden Globes.

AARP Punk….

I was going to wait until the end of the Globes to write up all the ads I could remember that had New Wave/Punk/Alternative songs from the 80’s and 90’s in them, but the last ad just needs to be singled out:
The Buzzcocks’ “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays” was just featured in an ad for AARP which, in case you don’t know, used to be called the American Association For Retired Persons.
Are you kidding me?