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2012 Golden Globes Predictions

Here’s where I go out on a predictatory (yes, I know it’s not a word, but it should be) limb for the first time this awards season and posit who I think will win each award and sometimes why. Check back here on Sunday, as I update this page live and keep a running tally of my successes or lack thereof. Between now and Sunday, my predictions will be in Blue. During the awards, my incorrect pics will be changed to red and the winner will, well, say “winner” after it. I’m going to use a Will Win/Should Win/Did Win format. Color coding is a pain in the ass!

Best Motion Picture – Drama

The Descendants-Will win/Should win: I’m banking on the HFPA’s love of all things Clooney, here.  Not only that, but its my favorite film of the year. – My review WINNER!!
The Help
The Ides Of March – My review
War Horse

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New Featurettes From ‘The Descendants’-SPOILERS!

It seems like rather than wait for the home video release (which I am sure will have longer versions and other goodies), some studios are releasing so-called “featurettes” (I maintain that this is not a word, but I digress) as part of their ad campaigns. Fox Searchlight has released 2 (or three, depending on which list you look at) of my top 10 films of the year, including #1, The Descendants, a likely multiple Oscar nominee.

Alexander Payne’s film grabbed me from the open and never let go. I consider it a modern American masterpiece of cinema and am happy to debate you on it, too!

At any rate, here are two of their behind-the-scenes clips, with the first featuring a look at the life on set and the second a dialog between George Clooney and Alexander Payne about the balance between comedy and drama.


Ok, so they aren’t the deepest insights into life on a set or the directing process and ok, in the second one Clooney’s wrong about how many Oscars The More the Merrier won (it won 1 for Charles Coburn, best supporting actor and was nominated for 5 others) but they go further than a 30 second commercial does and they’re more interesting that the trailers. That said, please don’t watch them until you’ve seen the film, as spoiler’s abound!


Random Thoughts On The Oscars During The Show

You can also follow my predictions (as if you give a crap) here.
George Clooney is my hero. The man continues to be eloquent, smart, progressive and to the point.
Can someone please give Dolly Parton a sandwich? I mean, I love the woman, but my lord, skinny!
What’s with the music playing during the acceptance speeches. It’s annoying and offensive. Seriously! Cut it out. It’s ruining what is so far the best Oscar show in years!
I’m 7 for 8 so far.
You GOTTA love Betty Bacall, but she seemed somewhat ill. I hope she’s ok.
Line of the night so far:
John Stewart: Pimp….sort of like agent with a better hat.
For those of you keeping count, the leader for being thanked most often is HBO’s Sheila Nevins, with 2.

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Lawyers, Guns And Money: Syriana Enters The Mix

NB: This is a dense and complex film, one that deserves many more thousands of words than I am able to devote to it, here. There are many studied and detailed reviews of the film out there, so feel free to check them out. You might want to start here: My personal favorite is A.O. Scott‘s review in the New York Times.
Last week I got the chance to see Stephen Gaghan‘s Syriana (now playing in NY & LA, expanding Dec. 9th) and it would be hard to find a more powerful indictment of American foreign policy and business practices (as if there’s really any difference between the two). The film is a sprawling epic of greed, callous indifference to human life and the real driving force behind all modern politics, money. For example, if there is more money in keeping the fundamentalists in power in Iran, you can bet your ass the US government will do whatever they can to achieve that goal.

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