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Gen Art Film Festival Launch

Last Wednesday saw the kick-off for the 12th annual Gen Art Film Festival with a party at SoHo boutique té casan. I’m not the biggest fan of parties in stores but there was some nice folks here and rather heavy-handed bartenders…. A bit of kibble would have been nice, though!


(L to R): American Hardcore director and Slamdance co-founder Paul Rachman, indieWIRE.com co-founder and editor in chief Eugene Hernandez and blogger extraordinaire, Agnes Varnum


Shall we play spot the….. Ha!

Gen Art Closing Night

Ropdancer-GenArt.jpgTuesday night saw the closing of the 9th annual Gen Art Film Festival and the screening of Greg Lombardo’s Knots. The pretty basic story of the lives of three men living in New York is largely covered ground and many of the elements have been seen before. The film also could have used some editing in the script stage as well as in the cutting room, but the performances are mainly top-notch and the pic contains several genuinely hysterical moments. John Stamos should be especially singled out for showing the comedic talent that has largely gone unnoticed (by adults, at least) in vehicles such as TV’s Full House. The rest of the cast includes Scott Cohen (TV’s Gilmore Girls), Annabeth Gish (Shag, TV’s The West Wing), Paulina Porizkova (Anna) and Tara Reid (American Pie, Van Wilder). I do loves me some Annabeth Gish!

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