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The Rabbi Report 3.0: Notes From “Out East”

Wow. I just looked at my blog and realized that it’s been more than six weeks since I posted an entry! I have sort of an excuse seeing that I was homeless for a few week, looking for a place to live and then a major move to East Hampton, but still, six weeks? LAME! So here I go. Rabbi Report 3.0 starts….NOW.
I seriously don’t know what the next 11+ months is going to bring for me, but suffice to say, this isn’t just the rebirth of the blog. Over the past 4-5 years I’ve lost both parents (insert Importance of Being Earnest ref. here) lived in LA, New York and now East Hampton, worked in a variety of positions, including film festivals, freelance writing, blogging for an award-winning ad campaign and I’ve been a character in an ARG. And now….country squire? We’ll see. For now, I am busy planting a vegetable garden, buying bird feeders and keeping the neighbor’s cat away from my birds and bunnies. That and whipping the house into shape with, I am relieved to say, a little help from my friends! God knows what it would look like if I was left to my own devices.
At any rate, I’m back. There’s likely to be a lot more about food and cooking, here from now on. I won’t be skimping on other things, but my nine week trip through the south this Spring inspired me as a cook, as a writer and as someone who is concerned with what we’re eating and drinking as a nation. I was introduced to the work of some outstanding chefs and food luminaries in my travels, including “eater/writer/educator” John T. Edge and chef John Currence in Oxford, MS; chefs Donald Link and Stephen Stryjewski in New Orleans; chef Frank Stitt in Birmingham, AL and chefs Sean Brock & Mike Lata in South Carolina. All of whom you’ll be reading about, along with many more in the coming days and weeks, complete with mouth-watering pics from their establishments and maybe even some examples of my own experiments with Southern-infused Long Island cooking. Stay tuned!
Until next time, here are a few pix of my new (rented) house (after the jump) in East Hampton and a couple of yummy goodness!
Yours from Northwest Woods,

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A Mushroom Revolution: Golden Gourmet Bets On Cultivation

If you like mushrooms (and who doesn’t?) and if you like to cook you need to give Golden Gourmet Mushrooms a serious look-see. They’ve been around since 1987 but have only recently come to my attention after they formed a new distribution company, The Kinoko Company. Currently, they distribute four types of cultivated mushrooms imported from Japan and will soon distribute US-grown specialty mushrooms cultivated at a new facility in San Marcos, CA being built by the Japanese Hokto Kinoko Corporation. Grown in re-usable bottles, the ‘shrooms are not grown in dirt and thus require no cleaning when you bring them home. Currently, GGM sells Maitake (aka Hen-of-the-Woods, Kumotake, and Dancing Butterfly Mushroom), Brown and White Beech, King Trumpet and Enoki mushrooms.
Now here’s the really cool part: Two of the four types are packaged in such a way as to stay fresh in your fridge for 30 days and in some cases, longer! How often have you bought some mushrooms at the store and forgotten about them, only to find their sludge 10 days later? Well, Golden Gourmet’s Maitake and Beech (both brown and white) mushrooms come in what I would call super weird magic plastic packages, but what’re actually called: “pillow packs.” Gas-permeable polypropylene film. Me? I call it magic plastic. It almost rhymes.
Some of the things I made with the mushrooms are: buffalo and venison chili (Maitakes added a complex and earthy flavor to this dish described by Mike Tully as: “OH MY GOD YES.”), various stir-frys and a particularly lovely buffalo steak, topped with wine-soaked brown beech mushrooms. Some pix and a sauté video, below..

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