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Just An Idea: Boreanaz As Rockford?

So, let’s just assume that the folks in Hollywood decide to make a film version of “The Rockford Files.” Not a crazy idea. How’s this for casting? In the role of Jim Rockford, made popular by James Garner:


We have “Bones,” “Angel” and “Buffy” star, David Boreanaz:


Maybe he’s a little young, but like I said, just an idea.
These are the things I think of when I’m watching the Sleuth channel….

Sick But Recovering….

My apologies, but I’ve been laid up with some sort of nasty flu-like virus that has limited my actions pretty much to lying in bed and snacking on tylenol, electrolyte-laced drinks and the odd klonapin for sleeping. LOVE the zepams, people! Things weren’t SO bad. I mean, I was able to watch the entire first season of ABC’s excellent mid-90’s TV series, Murder One and an fine way to spend a few feverish days, that is. I only wish my Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Chosen Collection had shown up the day it was supposed to, instead of a day late.
Anyway, the real point of this post is to drool over the new announcement of:

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A Little Perspective On The Toronto International Film Festival

logo_filmFest.gifThis year marks my return to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) as a journalist, after five years absence. As I have remarked on many an occasion, the TIFF is my favorite North American film event and it is right up there with the Rotterdam International Film Festival and the Berlinale as one of the premiere film-related experiences in the world. While I am having fun with friends, seeing some excellent films and, I hope, doing some good work, when I come home at night it all seems like just so much bullshit. The devastation on the Gulf Coast makes all this art and commerce, vodka and tonics, seem so insignificant.

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