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Berlin 07: Some Pix For Starters

Well, I’m 5 days into the Berlinale and I’ve seen 10 films, putting my cume for the trip at 33. I doubt I am going to make my stated goal of 50, alas. There’s just too much to do here in Berlin to make seeing 4 or 5 films a day possible, unless that’s all you do and well, even with my newfound responsibility, I gotta be me!


indieWIRE’s editor in chief Eugene Hernandez, publicist Gary Springer and Berlinale competition filmmkaer Ryan Eslinger chill at the Norwegian Film Institute party on Saturday night. Eslinger’s film When A Man Falls in the Forest premiered this morning.

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High Tech Berlinale Help – My Daily Planner

On the upper right hand side of the Berlinale web site’s home page is a nifty little tool called the Daily Planner. With this little bugger (once you’re registered, a free and easy process) you can browse the press and public screenings and with the click of a mouse, load the screening into your personal schedule.
Give it a try, it’s brilliant!

IFFR Review: Cocaine Angel

So my Rotterdam experience is over and tomorrow begins the Berlinale. For those who’ve read my indieWIRE article on the subject, you’ll know it was somewhat of a mixed bag for me but there were definitely some gems to be found amongst the costume jewels and Michael Tully‘s Cocaine Angel is one such film. You see, I was nervous as hell going in to the screening since Tully and I are friends and the last thing one wants to do is lie to a friend about their film. Thank god I didn’t have to.

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Ain’t Typos Grand? – Countdown To The Berlinale

I’m preparing to attend my favorite film festival in the world, the Berlin International Film Festival, or Berlinale as it is known and I starting the process of selecting press screenings and familiarizing myself with the massive event. While performing this task which may sound like drudgery to a layperson but to me and my fellow film festival nomads it’s a perfect way to spend a few hours. The catalog of the Berlinale is, I am almost sure, the largest in the world and is printed in three languages, to boot. So of course there are going to be typos and translation goofs and normally I wouldn’t poke fun at them, but I just had to point these two out, as they’re just too funny to ignore.
First of all, in the description of Katharina Otto-Bernstein’s documentary about avant garde theatre giant Robert Wilson, see if you can pick out the incorrect job description in the following grouping:

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