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Shakin’ That Ass: Two Dancers @ The Day Watch Party In Berlin

As the Tom Paxton song goes, wasn’t that a party? Hell yes, that was indeed a party. So much so that there’s not a lot of it I remember, what with the flowing Möet and chilled vodka shots. It was for a Russian film screening at Berlin, Day Watch (Fox Searchlight, June), written and directed by Timur Bekmambetov but beyond that, I can’t tell you much. Although there did seem to be a few Russian mafia-looking types around. Then again, I’ve never really seen one, so what do I know? Oh, and then there were the dancers. I figured since I am about to post some stills from the party @ Flickr.com, I might as well put up a little video, too!

High Tech Berlinale Help – My Daily Planner

On the upper right hand side of the Berlinale web site’s home page is a nifty little tool called the Daily Planner. With this little bugger (once you’re registered, a free and easy process) you can browse the press and public screenings and with the click of a mouse, load the screening into your personal schedule.
Give it a try, it’s brilliant!

The Road To Rotterdam and Berlin: Part 1

The 4 1/2 weeks between now and the end of February is arguably one of the two busiest such spans of the year as far as international film festivals go, with the August-September bunching of Locarno, Edinburgh, Montreal, Venice, Telluride, Toronto and New York being the other. It’s also a chance for me to get out of New York in the dead of winter and wander a bit across Northern Europe, connect with friends I don’t see very often and catch up on some exceptional cinema.

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