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SXSW 07 Music: Asakusa Jinta Kills Time

While waiting for some technical problems to be resolved in what I must admit might be the worst musical venue I have ever attended, The Hideout, members of Japan’s Asakusa Jinta decided to wing it…in English. “I eat Texas beef, Texas bread, Texas pork….(I get) little fat in Texas.” Heh!
I LOVE this band!

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SXSW 07 Music: Pix Complete, Finally!

Click here to see my final uploads of pix from SXSW, including indieWIRE’s Eug and Brian, Mike Tully and me, another from Oreskaband and more from Asakusa Jinta as well as Eugene McGuinness, Wax Planet and the Wombats from the Liverpool: Sound City showcase at club Latitude 30.
The Wombats were my own personal SXSW discovery and I’ve listened to their latest signal “Backfire at the Disco” 30 times since I saw them. Do yourselves a favor and check out their myspace page. Punk pop at its best, trust me! The Liverpool showcase was one of the best ones of the fest, even if they let a Mancunian band (Wax Planet) into the group.
McGuinness is a singer-songwriter who entertained the crowd with his troubadour stylings and Wax Planet wre a really fun band. However, the Wombats…well, I am still addicted. They have the potential of making a big splash, stateside. Until recently, they were unsigned in the UK, despite selling out 1,200-seat venues regularly!
A couple of pix, after the jump….

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SXSW 07 Music: More Pix Uploaded….

More pix from SXSW 2007 have been uploaded to my Flickr.com page, including The Dears, Bob Mould, Asakusa Jinta and Oreskaband.
Oreskaband is an especially fun band and they’re playing dates on the upcoming Warped Tour, so check themn out, if you get the chance! There will be more pix and videos from Oreskaband and Asakusa Jinta posted soon from their show that was later on in the fest (I am Flickr’ing chronologically…I’m anal like ‘dat).