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AFI Fest 07: On The Road Again!

102011592,52C1DF427992D0ECF18.jpgOn the road again….. Yes indeedy. I am, as they say, on the road again. Or at least I will be a scant 35 hours from now, winging my way Westward towards AFI Fest and the American Film Market. After AFI comes the Starz Denver Film Festival and after that, a liver transplant, more than likely. Maybe I should call the trip the Rabbi Report’s “Ruin the Liver” tour… with opening act Bacon ‘n Onions? Nah, too meta and WAY too off the track.
Back on point, AFI Fest has grown in stature and size over the past several years to the point where I feel like I can’t cover it adequately by myself, such is the fact at so many festivals these days. Next year I am thinking I need a 2nd reporter but this year it’ll have to be solo. At any rate I figure I owe you guys a little bit of a primer on what to expect, should you choose to attend AFI Fest (and I strongly urge you to do so). I’ve seen several of the films on offer and am looking forward to seeing quite a few more, so without further ado, here’s a look at a (very) small selection of what’s on offer in Hollywood for the first 11 days of November.
A Pair of Pages: Juno and The Tracey Fragments
Do yourself a favor and catch this double shot of “The Tiny Canadian,” as she’s been dubbed (according to IMDb). Maybe you’ve read my thoughts on upcoming Fox Searchlight release Juno (more coming, to be sure) and perhaps you’ve heard that Juno scribe Diablo Cody is a possible best original screenplay Oscar nominee, well let me put the “possible” to rest. She’s a mortal lock and as soon as the Academy and critics groups get a load of Ellen Page’s performance as the titular Juno, she’s going to start pulling down kudos, too. The thing is, she’s no fluke.
Juno 1.jpg
Photo © 2007 Twentieth Century Fox

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AIVF Holiday Cheer

The AIVF threw their annual holiday party last night and I wish I’d gotten there sooner, as the place was festooned with good cheer, free beer, snacks, a raffle and more cute indie film honeys than you can shake a stick at. Shallow? Maybe. Objectifying? Oh, come on! I’m single and it’s the holidays. Give a brother a break, ok?
Left to right: Married, Boyfriend, Married. See my point? Seriously though! L to R: Doc filmmaker Alexandra Berger, former SilverDocs programmer Mary Kerr and DP Jendra Jarnagin.
Also on hand to share in the revelry were doc filmmaker Bari Perlman and independent producer Colin Stanfield. Bari was telling us about her recent sojourn living in a monastery in Tibet making a film about Tibetan Buddhist nuns. Apparently, the secret to yak butter is to get it when it’s fresh. Give it a day or two and it’s yak yuck!

Brokeback Starts Lassoing The Wins

Key Artsmall.jpgFollowing the L.A. Film Critics announcement on Saturday that Ang Lee‘s Brokeback Mountain was their top choice of the year, the film was also named one of the American Film Institute‘s top 10 films of the year and topped the Broadcast Film Critics Association list of nominated films with 8 nominations.
It also pulled in an estimated $109,000 per screen for a opening weekend gross on 5 screens of just shy of $550,000, according to Box Office Mojo.
Don’t be surprised if this kudo parade continues. The film is already a critical darling and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it made an impact at the box office, as well. We may be a conservative country in many places, but there are enough film goers in cities across the country to give the film decent numbers. Now don’t think I am predicting a $100 million blockbuster, here, but it’ll do just fine.