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IMDB Changes Shortbus Listing; Policy Remains

As of today, the IMDb (finally) removed the “adult” tag from Shortbus and the film now turns up in regular searches. This hardly addresses the main issue of the IMDb’s policy towards films they label as “adult.” This policy is at best, misguided and at worse, flat out censorship.

IMDb Censorship Story Gathers Steam

God, I love the bloggosphere! If it wasn’t for Eugene’s post (and for Jay Brannan’s You Tube video), I wouldn’t have known about the IMDb’s practice of censoring searches and wouldn’t have written about it and so on and so on….
Isn’t it nice when something that makes you angry (happy, aroused, sad, etc.) affects other people, as well? And then they go and write about it, too? Well, it seems like the IMDb story regarding Shortbus and other films has some serious legs, after all. Here are some news sources that picked up on my little post and ran with it:
Dig it! I’ve been Fleshbotted!
Cinema Blend
Comstock Films’s boards
The Alien Experience boards
Other aggregators who have picked up the story include News Is Free
More to come?

Sick But Recovering….

My apologies, but I’ve been laid up with some sort of nasty flu-like virus that has limited my actions pretty much to lying in bed and snacking on tylenol, electrolyte-laced drinks and the odd klonapin for sleeping. LOVE the zepams, people! Things weren’t SO bad. I mean, I was able to watch the entire first season of ABC’s excellent mid-90’s TV series, Murder One and an fine way to spend a few feverish days, that is. I only wish my Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Chosen Collection had shown up the day it was supposed to, instead of a day late.
Anyway, the real point of this post is to drool over the new announcement of:

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