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NBC Jumps The Shark: 5 Nights Of Prime Time Leno

On the heels of a Hollywood Reporter story about NBC cutting back on their prime time hours or possibly even cutting entire days of original programming come an entry for the “are you fucking kidding me?” department, NBC is, according to the New York Times, give Jay Leno the 10pm slot, Monday through Friday for “a show similar to the one he has done on NBC’s “Tonight Show” show since 1993.”
Really? Seriously? Leno for an hour from 10-11pm, then Conan from 11:35pm-12:35am and Jimmy Fallon from 12:35-1:35am? Do the folks at NBC really think the way to adjust to changing viewing habits and the challenge posed by increased offerings on cable TV is to give us more Jay Leno?
Let me give you a little news, Mr. Zucker. He’s. Not. Funny. Never has been. There’s an entire generation of people who don’t like Jay. We don’t think he’s funny. And he’s even less funny when he’s on against Without a Trace, Leverage and the CSI franchise. Or even that dead guy with the afro who paints pictures of trees.
Who knows, maybe this is one big plot byy NBC to make sure folks over 50 go to sleep even earlier. All I’m saying is, your first week of guests better be: Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, cute animals, Kevin Spacey, Beyoncé, Kanye, big animals, Will Smith, Brad Pitt again, Matt Damon, more cute animals, the Rolling Stones, a Smith’s reunion, a steel cage match between Valimir Putin and a tiger, more cute animals, giant lizards, Jimmy Hoffa’s killer and maybe a boxing match between Danny Bonaduce and Geraldo Rivera.
Good luck, guys…..

Holy Crap! MoMA & Thurston Moore Presents Bowie Music Vid Program

On December 1st, 2008 Guess where I’ll be? I’ll give you a hint:
Bowie in Dublin, 2003
No, don’t be silly. Not at a Bowie show. (I wish. The man’s been virtually hidden for 5 years!) But instead at New York’s Museum of Modern Art for the Thurston Moore-hosted program of Bowie videos as part of MoMA’s Looking At Music exhibition. While I am excited to check out the exhibition and the other artists involved (Devo, The Beatles and John Cage among them) it’s really Bowie that has me chuffed. The videos were co-organized by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and Barbara London, Associate Curator, Department of Media, MoMA.
The complete list of the program after the jump, along with some videos I’d have programmed, if I were the curator….

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Lipstick, Pigs And The Media

Earlier today, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked a guest on her newscast about losing how the campaigns could lose 48 hours on “lipstick.” Are you kidding me? How dare she ask that question! Who does she think is responsible? For all Sarah Palin’s whinging and moaning about how “liberal” the press is and how “biased” MSNBC is (Ok, it is and I love it) stories like “lipstick on a pig” are created completely by the media. What I mean to say is, in answer to your question, Andrea: It’s the fucking press, you ninny!
If the press had ignored it as a funny, “last 5 minutes of the newscast” kind of an item, the story wouldn’t have had nearly the legs it had, but instead it was the LEAD story! Are you kidding? With McCain, Obama, Palin and Biden, not to mention their dozens of surrogates) out there stumping, holding town hall meetings and generally going about the very serious business of trying to educate the general voting public about who might be best suited to lead the country going forward, MSNBC, CNN. etc. still lead with the damn pig comment.

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Campbell Brown Questions McCain Spokesman. Spokesman Says: “Uhhhhhh….”

John McCain was set to be interviewed by CNN’s Larry King but then yesterday, CNN’s Campbell Brown asked very reasonable questions of McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds and Bounds was, erm….unprepared. So McCain canceled his interview. According to the New York Times and CNN, this interview was the reason McCain canceled.

Palin: (Not) Big, (Not) Fat, (Wasn’t) Preganant Liar? Rumors Spread

UPDATE: Turns out, there was smoke, but the fire, for what it was worth, was elsewhere and none of the rumors below were true. Except Bristol is pregnant. Now. Not before. No babygate here, folks. Move along, not much to see!
The Internet is abuzz with the rumor that Sarah Palin is not the mother of Trig, her supposed 5th child, but is in fact the boy’s grandmother, leaving oldest daughter Bristol, 17, as the mom.
This Google blog search has a lot of posts about it, many linking to the Daily Kos (link dead) story and this one from Sparticus Lives.
Read through the stories and make up your own minds and have a gander at this picture. Does Sarah look 7+ months pregnant? According to the Kos piece, the Internet is being scrubbed of potentially “incriminating” photos.
UPDATE: The story is now on dlisted.
NEW UPDATE: The mainstream news is now reporting on the rumors. Still no proof, though!
NEW UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan weighs in.
NEW UPDATE (8/31, 9:36pm): Sue D. at weighs in, disputes rumors. The picture she links to is exactly the same as one in the Daily Kos and Sparticus Lives posts, but the text includes a “taken on” date. NOTE: Both versions of the photo are on the Anchorage Daily News website.
NEW UPDATE (8/31/08, 11:18pm): ArcXIX at Daily Kos is at it again with this update.
NEW UPDATE (9/1/08, 1:52am): The Red Pen @ Daily Kos (thanks to a link from Andrew Sullivan) seems to, for now, put this rumor to bed. That said, the same “it’s photoshopped” claim can apply to any photo.