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Tribeca 07 Podcast: Director Kieran Fitzgerald

Adam Schartoff interviews Kieran Fitzgerald, director of the compelling 2007 Tribeca Film Festival world premiere documentary The Ballad of Esequiel Hernandez. Fitzgerald discusses the difficulties in bringing the story to the screen and working with his narrator, actor/director Tommy Lee Jones, among other things.
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Tribeca 07 Podcast: “The Workshop” Director, Jamie Morgan

The Workshop director Jamie Morgan talks with Adam Schartoff about the process of making a film in the unique atmosphere of a sex workshop. Morgan discusses his experiences –both scary and exhilarating– in making an intensely personal documentary in which he ends up playing an essential role.
NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, the interview starts abruptly in the middle of a question. We apologize for this glitch. Also, Firefox for the Mac doesn’t support one of the tags our host uses, but they’re promising me a fix, soon.

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SXSW 07 Film: David Boreanaz Interview

Boreanaz-Small.jpgSo here I go! This is my first podcast, so forgive me if it’s rough. In fact, I know it’s rough. There are some (large) skips in the recording (still don’t know how they got there). For example, at about the 3:10 mark, we start to talk about this nice little Canadian film he did called These Girls. Not only that, there’s a LOT of background noise. Not only that, it’s the first interview I’ve done in, well, a long time and besides, I am a huge Buffy geek, so I was a wee bit nervous.
Also, Firefox for the Mac doesn’t support one of the tags my host uses, but they’re promising me a fix, soon.
I promise, I’ll get better.
David and I chat about the film he was at SXSW with, the world premiere of Alan Cumming’s solo directorial debut Suffering Man’s Charity, his previous indie film work, whether he’s interested in directing episodes of his hit Fox TV series Bones and yes, a little bit about Angel!
The podcast can be found on iTunes. Just search for The Rabbi Report. More coming, soon!
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