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Video: Alex Gibney On “Taxi To The Dark Side”

Friday marked the New York City premiere of Alex Gibney’s Oscar-nominated documentary, Taxi to the Dark Side, the rather grim story of a young Afghani goat herder and taxi driver named Dilawar who is mistakenly suspected of being a terrorist by our military intelligence. Brought into Bagram for interrogation, Dilawar is subsequently tortured and killed by his interrogators. The ThinkFilm release gets to the darker truths, namely that not only is the intelligence questionable in the first place but that the interrogators were, in fact, young soldiers utterly untrained and inexperienced in the ways of proper interrogation techniques.
Matters are made worse when the soldiers are encouraged by their superiors to go to any lengths to get their confessions. In addition to the now prosecuted soldiers, among the interview subjects are New York Times journalists, various academics, politicians, former military brass and, most notably, Gibney’s own father who died during post-production. Frank Gibney, himself a former interrogator during World War II, best expresses the sense of outrage with the Bush Administration and as images of Bush, Cheney, Rumsefeld and Gonzalez flash across the screen it’s hard not to squirm in your seat by your own sense of frustration. There doesn’t seem to be any level of success when it comes to the administration’s war on terrorism, itself an unforgivable reminder of those who perished on 9/11.
Gibney, who also directed the award-winning Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, recently met with journalists and described the challenges and rewards of making Taxi to the Dark Side. Here are a few of clips from that interview.
Clip #1: Gibney discusses his father Frank’s experiences as an interrogator during WW II:

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TIFF 07 Roundtable Interviews: Sleuth’s Branagh & Caine and Law

In two Toronto International Film Festival roundtable interviews, director Kenneth Branagh, actor Michael Cane and actor/producer Jude Law discuss the upcoming Sony Pictures Classics film Sleuth. Brannagh and Caine get into everything from pre-production, Caine’s history with Pinter (they went to the same school!), art direction, how the film isn’t really a remake and even a little bit about Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Batman film, The Dark Knight!
Law discusses his role as a producer on the film, his next role and some of the…well, secret elements of Sleuth. If you haven’t seen the original Sleuth, there are some minor spoilers in these clips.
BTW, listen to the Caine and Branagh clip, first.