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GSRT: Hagerstown to Louisville or “Such a Dirty Bad Girl!”

After my preamble trip to Hagerstown I had just enough energy to check my email when I arrived. It had been a rough day, considering I’d moved out of the family home I’d had for 30+ years, so when I pulled into the hotel just past 11, I didn’t even care that I’d missed the cut-off time for beer at the hotel mini mart by only 5 minutes. I didn’t even pitch a fit when the guy at the front desk told me that they were out of foam pillows. My allergies made me pay for that one.

At any rate, I was up at 8am and ready to go…. and after the mother of all time sucks, a visit to a local mall for some needed road supplies, I was on the road to Louisville and 534 miles awaited me. Were I driving with another person, 500+ miles wouldn’t be a big deal but alone? It’s drowsy time. Seriously, after about 375 miles or so I find myself chanting things like “badda badda bang ging gong bung ding badda ding big gong dang…” like some half-baked Bhangra singer with tertiary stage syphilis.

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How Cool Is Google?

This Cool:
As I am sure you’ve all noticed, Google changes their main page logo pretty much every day to reflect something that’s going on that day. Today they have chosen to honor the birth of my favorite painter, Joan Miró. True, they coulld have honored one of my odest and closest friends and ex, Soledad or even Adolph Hitler, also born on April 20th although both of those seem less likely for Google to recognize for very different reasons, of course.
Here’s the logo they are using today:
Here’s a pic of a signed Miró print we’ve got: