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Theatrical Review: Amexicano

The following is a review of Matthew Bonifacio’s Amexicano which played at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival and recently played a run at New York’s Quad Cinemas. Check here for upcoming screening information as it becomes available.
Director: Matthew Bonifacio
Screenwriter: Carmine Famiglietti
Producers: Matthew Bonifacio, Carmine Famiglietti
William M. Miller
Editor: Morty Ashkinos, Ilya Magazanin
Music: Kerry Muzzey
Cast: Carmine Famiglietti, Raúl Castillo, Jennifer Peña, Michael Aronov, Manny Perez
U.S., 2007, 84 minutes
Amexicano tells two stories, the first a light hearted ethnic comedy about the growing friendship between an Italian American and a Mexican immigrant both struggling with their co-dependency for each other and the stronger need for a paycheck. The second story is a much darker one about just how precarious the life of an illegal immigrant can be. While this often charming indie film presents a vivid and convincing portrait of both sides of the coin, its turn in narrative might feel abrupt to some. If that’s the worst that can be said about director Matthew Bonifacio’s film which premiered at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival last year, then he should feel proud of the outcome.

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A Little Flickr Action

Oh yeah! Some more pics have been uploaded to my Flickr site, including those from a rather spirited BBQ held one rainy Saturday not too long ago. Not only that, there’s some pix from the Tribeca Film Festival as well as other random shots. If your name is Tom Hall, Holly Herrick, Ry Russo-Young, Ryan Harrington, Paul Lovelace, Elizabeth Hanley, Todd Rohal, David Call, Jessica Wolfson, Jessica Smith, Brian Brooks, Basil Tsiokos, Harris Dew, Colin Brown, Nicole Guillemet, Laura Macdonald, Craig Zobel, Greta Gerwig, Joe Swanberg, Peter Bjorn & John or Au Revoir Simone, among many others, you might wanna check it out.

Tribeca 07 Podcast: Director Kieran Fitzgerald

Adam Schartoff interviews Kieran Fitzgerald, director of the compelling 2007 Tribeca Film Festival world premiere documentary The Ballad of Esequiel Hernandez. Fitzgerald discusses the difficulties in bringing the story to the screen and working with his narrator, actor/director Tommy Lee Jones, among other things.
Read a review of the film, here.

Tribeca 07 Review: The Education Of Charlie Banks

Banksstill.jpgThe Education of Charlie Banks, 100 min.
Directed by Fred Durst; Produced by Marisa Polvino
To be honest when I heard that Fred Durst, front man for “Nu Metal” band Limp Bizkit, had won the Made in NY Award at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival for his directorial debut The Education of Charlie Banks, I scoffed. This is the guy whose wrote all those sophomoric songs about… well, I don’t really know what his songs are about since I never read his lyrics but I assumed they were just about getting laid and smoking blunts. What could he possibly have to say in a feature length movie? Well, you know what happens when you assume… In short, I was wrong. Charlie Banks is a solid film. Not perfect but several notches above your standard festival fare. It’s a well made movie that I found thoroughly entertaining and engaging and I’ll admit, I seriously prejudged Durst.

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Tribeca 07 Podcast: “The Workshop” Director, Jamie Morgan

The Workshop director Jamie Morgan talks with Adam Schartoff about the process of making a film in the unique atmosphere of a sex workshop. Morgan discusses his experiences –both scary and exhilarating– in making an intensely personal documentary in which he ends up playing an essential role.
NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, the interview starts abruptly in the middle of a question. We apologize for this glitch. Also, Firefox for the Mac doesn’t support one of the tags our host uses, but they’re promising me a fix, soon.

Click here for a review of The Workshop by Adam Schartoff.