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And In The HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Department….


This is Hercules. He is a liger and is only 3 years old. At 10 feet long and 1000 pounds, he is expected to reach 12 feet and over 1,200 pounds. According to the keeper in Miami, Hercules is the accidental result of a male lion and female tiger who got a little frisky. He’s apparently got the social aspects of his pappy and the gentle attitude towards humans of mom, making him the perfect half-ton kitty. If you can afford 20 lbs of beef or chicken/day, maybe you too can have a liger.
I can hear Veruca Salt right now…
“But daddy, I want a liger and I want a liger, now!”

Where Do You Stand?

Earlier today I was watching the March For Women’s Lives on TV and found myself crying.
Crying for the women whose stories were being told by the men and women they left behind when forced into back alley abortions.
Crying for the fact that we need to even have this march.
And frankly, in my younger days in college, I would’ve been in DC today and I am feeling ashamed for not being there. I don’t want to feel ashamed anymore.
This is arguably the single most important election in the history of the world. The choice is reasonably simple: Do we allow big business and the cabal of right-wing racist, sexist, totalitarian white men (and one particularly evil woman of color) to send our country into the dark ages?
Or do we take back our country and our lives?
I think you know where I stand. What’s your opinion?