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Ah, Irony. Too Young To Die….And At The Hands Of Wal-Mart

If any of you were hesitating to mourn irony, wait no longer. Wal-Mart has slain the giant by offering prints of Banksy’s print entitled, I shit you not, Destroy Capitalism. According to….

According to the Huffington Post, the link has been removed, but still… this rivals the recent JP Morgan Twitter hubbub. There is no cure for corporate idiocy.

Kodak Preparing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

According to the Wall Street Journal, Kodak, that giant of all things film, is preparing for a potential Chapter 11 filing, should some plans to sell digital patents not pan out.

Wow. For a company that was once synonymous with photography, this is a sad day. Not that it’s entirely unexpected. According to the piece, Kodak shares have been trading at under $1 for 30 straight days and it is in anger of being delisted by the New York Stock Exchange.