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Songs For Our Orwellian Nightmare To Come, Pt. 1

Divide and Conquer
by Bob Mould
They divided up all the land
We’ve got states and cities
Cities have their neighborhoods
And more subdivisions
There’s countries divided by walls
Oceans and latitudes
And longitudes longing to find out
Just what they’re missing
There’s lots of area codes
And nine digit zip codes
Secret decoder ring codes
Arteries, shopping nodes
We’ll invent some new computers
Link up the global village
Get AP, UPI, Reuters
To tell everybody the news, news
We’ll be one happy neighborhood
Spread out across the world
But who’s gonna stop that burglar from breaking into my house
When he lives that far away
We’ll be just like old friends
No means to your ends
The police state is too busy
And the neighborhood’s getting out of hand
Big Brother on every wall
Muzak plays in all the halls
Empires see the rise and fall
They divide, conquer
It’s not about my politics
Something happened way too quick
A bunch of men who played it slick
They divide, conquer
It’s all here before your eyes
Safety is a big disguise
That hides among the other lies
They divide, conquer
Well I expect I won’t be heard
‘Cause my silence is assured
Never a discouraging word
They divide, conquer
They divide and conquer.
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7 days And Counting

I don’t think I need to say much about Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 at this point. Most of you who’re going to see it have seen it and my review certainly isn’t likely to pull anyone back from the Dark Side of the Force. In that spirit, I am going to write the rest of this review as if anyone reading this has either seen the film or is thinking of renting it. Time is too short to work on the hardcore Bushies and what’s really important here can be split into two or three portions. One side is the film as film. Fahrenheit 9/11 is a superb piece of documentary work. Regardless of claims that Moore engaged in the stretching of truths or even outright lies, there is enough here, including interviews, uncontested footage and plain old common sense, to make anyone with any kind of compassion, decency or ethics at least question the war in Iraq and the events which led us there, including the election of 2000.

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