Pray Tell, Whose Home Would That Be?

Talk about redefining the English language in order to market things to put in our increasingly fatter faces….

Please to explain how the word “Homemade” belongs within 500 yards of this container of ice cream?

Talk about stretching the definition….

I don’t know about you, but I generally don’t keep Microcrystalline Cellulose or Cellulose Gel (both undigestible vegetable matter) on hand in my pantry.

Am I the only one that gets pissed off when they see this sort of chicanery?

One thought on “Pray Tell, Whose Home Would That Be?”

  1. What makes this more interesting is that there are actually a lot of consumers who would probably believe that this product is homemade. Or at the very least, they would not even question as to how homemade is homemade and like you said, whose home.

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