Shatner Plays … Guitaaaaa-aaaarrrrr!

William Shatner poses after receiving the Nashville Film Festival’s 2009 President’s Impact Award, a specially designed Gibson guitar hand-painted by artist Mandy Lawson. This year’s fest saw the world premiere of “Willian Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet” from director Pat Buckley. Shatner was playful during the pre-screening presentation, remarking that in the 1950’s, he used to travel around with a fretboard, always intending to learn how to play. He never did, but at the screening he promised….himself, he’d learn. Alas, a rumored performance of Shatner and Ben Folds at the screening’s after party at the Gibson Guitar HQ never unfolded, as Folds was a no-show and Shatner only stuck around for 15 minutes. That said, word had it he was due back in LA at 10am the next morning, so I was disappointed but can’t be pissed at Bill! That said, I really would have liked to meet the legend, as his CD “Has Been” was in my top ten albums of 2004. More on the film in my indieWIRE Nashville Film Festival round up!

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