Victor Rabinowitz, 1911-2007-One Year Later

Vic-Bookjacket.jpgOne year ago today, November 16th, 2007 my father Victor Rabinowitz passed away at the age of 96. I was in Denver, where I am again heading in a few days. My friends there helped me through a rough night and the following morning and I’m looking forward to seeing many of them again and raising a glass to my dad.
He would have been proud and amazed at what this past year has brought. One of the most amazing political campaigns in history culminating in the election of the first black president and likely, the first time in world history that a majority has elected a minority to lead a country. Truly remarkable.
He spent his his entire life working towards justice for the oppressed, including spending quite a lot of time in the South during the Civil Rights Movement. He was a hero of a magnitude rarely seen these days and had he witnessed the election of Barack Obama it would have warmed his heart to no end.
Here’s what I wrote at the time. It’s been a very fast year and I miss him every day.

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