Palin Baby: Lots Of Smoke, No Fire…Kind Of….

So I am getting a little tired of the blogospehere’s suppositions and what not over Sarah Palin’s son/grandson. It seems that so far, there’s a lot of conjecture and circumstantial evidence, but no smoking gun. Sure, enough to pique interest, but….
And now comes this: CELTIC DIVA’S BLUE OASIS claims that while Trig is indeed Sarah’s son, Bristol is pregnant now.
One big problem with both of these stories is, Photoshop, full stop. It’s SO easy to manipulate images that It’s hard to believe anything you see online.
Look, I would like nothing more than for this right-wing whackadoodle to self-destruct but I’d be a hypocrite if I helped take down her 17 year-old daughter to do it. Honestly? I don’t think we need a scandal to take down McCain-Palin. They’re the worst GOP ticket since Dole-Kemp and even worse than that, potentially. If this country can overcome its racism, Obama-Biden should clean their clocks. Then again, that’s a HUGE “if.”
All I know is that I am going to do my best to get Barack Obama elected, but I won’t make shit up to do it. If the earlier story is true, then hopefully someone’s got a smoking gun and the truth will out. If it turns out to be the rumor mentioned above, then so what? Leave Bristol alone and get on with it.

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