Some Pix From Denver: Rides, Fireworks, Construction And A Drunk Duck

Saturday night was the DNC media party at Elitch Gardens Amusement park and the rides, games, food and drink were gratis, so of course I jumped on the wooden roller coaster (one of the top 5 in the country, apparently), played the games of chance (I lied and won a duck made in China that feels like fiberglass insulation) and spilled wine on myself. If you expected me to ride one of those new fangled, upside-down coasters or half pipe, you’re shit out of luck!
The City’s spruced up, banners, banners, every where:
We Like The Fireworks, The Fireworks That Go Boom!
The Late Night Lounge 24 Hours Before Opening (stay tuned to see how it turned out!):
“So a duck walks into a bar….”:

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