Herzog As Hitler? Jeff Wells Crosses The Line…Again

You can accuse me of being overly sensitive about this….oh wait, you can’t! One of the things it’s almost impossible to be too sensitive about is fucking HITLER, so when I saw the image on Hollywood Elsewhere yesterday, I just about crapped my Lederhosen. WTF is Jeffrey thinking? Just a guess, but the two groups of people likely to be really offended by being mocked up as der Führer are Jews and Germans.
Even if Werner is somehow not offended by the image, I still call Douchebag on this post and I’ll be offended on his behalf.
UPDATE: I just received an email from Paul Cronin, the editor of Herzog on Herzog that reads, in part:
“Werner once told me that he would never live through another era of Nazism, because he would die fighting it.”
So yeah, I think Werner would be offended by Jeff’s post.

2 thoughts on “Herzog As Hitler? Jeff Wells Crosses The Line…Again”

  1. Anyone who knows Werner knows that he would never, ever do something like that, even for all the tea in China…
    Cronin (editor: Herzog on Herzog)

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