The 65th Annual Golden Globes….Announcements?

Usually, there is along, overblown awards show with famous presenters, “comedy bits” and my favorite, drunk presenters and winners (they’ve all been drinking for hours). However, due to the WGA strike, we’ve been spared the chaff and are given a short 1 hour press conference. Strikes me as not exactly a made for TV moment, but well, we’ll see, won’t we?
I’m not sure there’s going to be a lot to blgo about, but for what it’s worth, I’ll be here!
Live Blog Follows…..:

10:17pm: So….any surprises? Yes: How the fuck does Diving Bell and the Butterfly win Best Foreign Language Film over Cristian Mungiu’s brilliant 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days?
Schnabel for director was another small surprise but remember, foreign language film, Hollywood Foreign Press, etc., etc. Would have thought the Coens would have won for No Country. Then again, they scooped Diablo on the screenplay front. That said, the Globes don’t differentiate between original and adapted screenplays. Julie Christie? Not such a surprise, really. Academies all love the vet making a “return” (even though she’s been working pretty steadily for the past 40 years.
Atonement wins Best Motion Picture, drama. A bit of a surprise, I guess. I haven’t seen it, so I can’t comment. Sometimes you see a film and you just say to yourself…Duh. HFP film. Not sure if that’s how I wouls have felt and will never know.
“I drink your milkshake! I drink it up!” Daniel Day Lewis brings home the gold for There WIll Be Blood. Brilliant performance and a brilliant film.
Julie Christie wins the Best Actress, Motion Picture Drama for Away From Her. I haven’t seen the film, but I am all for this kind of a recognition for a classy, veteran actress. Billy Bush makes like he’s seen the film. As if!
Best TV Series, Drama – Mad Men! Woo Hoo! Excellent. This is a fantastic show. I need some scotch.
Johnny Depp wins on his 8th nomination! Kind of amazing, really. And Sweeney Todd wins for best musical. I really have to see that film.
Continuing on NBC…Schabel wins for best director. Really? I mean, it’s a good film, but it’s no No Country For Old Men. Then again, it’s the Globes…..
OK, NBC are the douches for not going along with the press conference theme. Or the Globes should have slowed it up a bit.
Well, so much for live blogging NBC. I feel like a total douche.
SHIT. Didn’t know that E! and CNN were live from the press conference.
GOD these announcers are annoying! What a pointless exercise this is!
9:26pm: Best Actress, mini series or TV movie – Queen Latifah, Life Support. All Hail the Queen!
9:24pm: Best Supporting Actor, Motion Picture: Please be Casey Affleck…..But no….It’s Javier Bardem. Great film and performance, but 2nd best, in my opinion.
9:19pm: Best Actress, Motion Picture Comedy or Musical: Marion Cotillard. Great performance, les than great film. Not a comedy, not a musical. Should have been nominated in the Drama category.
If Nikki Blonski wins, I am gonna shit, just because of that scream.
9:16pm: Best Animated Movie – Ratatouille. No surprise.
9:14pm: Best Actor, TV Series Drama – John Hamm, Mad Men! Awesone! First award I am psyched about. He & the show) are amazing.
First commercial break: This is awkward as all hell. A really unpleasant thing to watch, really. Boring. Blah. Did anyone really pay for ads on this?
9:08pm: Best Supporting Actress, TV – Samatha Morton for Longford. Erm….what?
9:06pm: Best Actress, TV Series Drama – Genn Close, Damages. Not a huge surprise, but what a serious bunch of competition!
9:05pm: Jeremy Piven wins Best Supporting TV Actor for Entourage. NOt a huge surprise, but I would have preferred Shatner.
9:03pm: Best Supporting Actress, Motion Pictures – Cate Blanchette, I’m Not There. Didn’t like the film and thought the performance was pretty good. No real surprise.
9:00pm: They have a crew in Halifax for Ellen Page? Good Lord.

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