So….Stil Supporting Ron Paul?

Now, I’m not saying that Ron Paul is a racist but boy howdy, he certainly did employ one…or two or three, even! Paul’s response to the discovery of the sickening rants in the Ron Paul Political Report is pathetic. His excuse is basically that he doesn’t know who wrote the screeds but that’s not good enough. He’s a member of the US House of Representatives and these words were going out under his name. He needs to find out who wrote them and make sure those persons are not still working for his organization. writes: “The presidential hopeful described the newsletter revelations as a ‘rehash’ of old material dug up by his opponents because he is gaining ground with black voters due to his stance against the war in Iraq and the war on drugs.” Rehash? WTF? It’s not a rehash, it’s a discovery.
Ron Paul’s a phony. It’s about time people recognized that.

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